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Leibniz Universität IT Services

Leibniz Universität IT Services (previously RRZN) provides the services of an university computing center and also functions as one of the two sites that operate the twin HPC systems of the HLRN consortium. We not only strive to provide 24 hour access to our HPC facility but also support scientists from the early stages of writing a grant application for computing time until their software applications run smoothly and efficiently on our system (HLRN ).

The Departments of Continuum Mechanics and Climatology at Leibniz University Hannover are renowned for their expertise in HPC applications in the engineering and geo sciences. Together with the HPC department at Leibniz University IT Services headed by PD Dr. Steffen Schulze-Kremer they collaborate in research and development of algorithms and applications.

HPC Expertise

Climate Research and Engineering Applications

HPC Systems

Gottfried - Cray XC30, XC40

since October 2013 - learn more - Top500.org
MPP system Tier 2 hpc system
1.241 TFlop/s
Peak Performance
1,680 Nodes
Cray Aries
108 TB
Main Memory
40,320 CPU Cores

SMP-System - Megware

since October 2014 - Top500.org
SMP system Tier 3 hpc system Xeon-Phi nodes
61 TFlop/s
Peak Performance
64 Nodes
25 TB
Main Memory
2,304 CPU Cores

File Systems

WORK file system

Global (Lustre)

HDD Symbol
3700 TB
disk storage

HOME file system

Global (GPFS)

HDD Symbol
500 TB
disk storage



  • 1x Bandarchiv Scalar i6000
  • 4.000 TB tape storage

HPC Networks and Alliances


Profiling Toolkit für High Performance Computing
Ein automatisiertes Profilingtoolkit soll das Bewusstsein für Performance-Probleme vergrößern und zur Optimierung von Anwendungen motivieren.
12 months remaining


Leibniz Universität IT Services
Dr. Thomas Rupp
Schloßwender Str.5
30159 Hannover

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Legal Entity

Leibniz Universität Hannover

For 40 creative years of his life Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was associated with Hannover. He made major contributions to all areas of contemporary knowledge. His universality and inspiration have created an example and set a commitment for Leibniz Universität Hannover. We stand for excellence in teaching and research, and attach great importance to the interdisciplinary and international character of our work. We see ourselves as a community striving for scientific and academic insight, seeking sustainable, peaceful and responsible solutions to central issues concerning the future. Our work is thus guided by the motto:

Shaping the Future with Knowledge.


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