Regionales Hochschulrechenzentrum Kaiserslautern (RHRK)

About Regionales Hochschulrechenzentrum Kaiserslautern (RHRK)

The RHRK is a central scientific institution of the University of Kaiserslautern. The RHRK provides students, faculties, central facilities and the central administration with IT infrastructure and IT services according to their needs. In order to support its service tasks, RHRK performs its own research and development.

HPC Expertise

For the special support of high-performance computing, the RHRK is responsible in particular

  • to monitor and evaluate the development, use and application of methods, tools and machines in high-performance computing and to advise users at the university on the use of their local computing capacities and central high-performance computing technology,
  • to adapt and provide the latest methods and their software implementation for the solution of the typical university application spectrum on the existing architectures,
  • to provide training and individual advice on algorithms and their efficient implementation on high-performance computers,
  • to support current and potential users in the analysis and optimization of their programs, to broaden the circle of users by demonstrating new application possibilities and increasing the user-friendliness of the installed high-performance computing technology,
  • to supervise bachelor, master and doctoral theses together with the departments, to participate in courses and to conduct continuous lecture and publication activities.

The RHRK coordinates its work with other centres of excellence for high-performance computing in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and in Germany.

HPC Systems

HPC-Cluster Elwetritsch II der TUK

Elwetritsch II - Dell PowerEdge R NEC HPC1812Rh-1 Nvidia DGX-2, DGX-1

since January 2016 - Last Update: January 2020 - learn more
GPU nodes GPU system MPP system SMP nodes SSD storage Tier 3 hpc system Xeon-Phi nodes
489 Nodes
Unknown QDR-Infiniband, Intel Omnipath
53 TB
Main Memory
10,520 CPU Cores
Intel, AMD
56 Applications
228 Versions

Elwetritsch - Fujitsu PRIMERGY XC250/400

since August 2012 - learn more
GPU nodes MPP system SMP nodes Tier 3 hpc system Xeon-Phi nodes
134 TFlop/s
Peak Performance
319 Nodes
Unknown QDR-Infiniband
17 TB
Main Memory
5,624 CPU Cores
6 Many Core Processors
56 Applications
228 Versions

File Systems

WORK file system

Elwetritsch (BeeGFS)

since April 2018
HDD Symbol
1285 TB
disk storage

HOME file system

Elwetritsch (NFS)

HDD Symbol
10 TB
disk storage


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