What is HPC?
HPC is a science and a key technology in our modern society and many questions can only be solved through HPC.

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HPC ("High Performance Computing") is a science and a key technology in our modern society. Many questions in science, research, technology and our everyday life require increasingly comprehensive and more detailed models for complex Systems, e.g., risk prediction for weather disasters, and for increasingly more powerful methods for problem solving. Access to HPC systems and the usage of such is crucial for scientific work in many areas of research. Furthermore, there is a strategic significance in simulation with HPC clusters for industry and economy since many sophisticated products can only be developed using HPC powered model design.

The scientific field of HPC is diverse and complex. However, it is much more than just large and fast computers.
  • Modern and innovative computing centres - infrastructures for energy supply, for cooling, for administration and computer rooms as well as intelligent security concepts.
  • Specialised hardware technologies - supercomputers, high-speed networks, parallel and powerful file systems as well as systems for long-term archiving.
  • Complex and highly parallel software - software for administration, for parallel and efficient simulation and analysis of complex models as well as software solutions for performance analysis and optimisation of parallel applications.
  • Administrators and HPC experts - the efficient use of HPC ressources requires specifically trained administrators and HPC experts.
  • HPC as science - innovative methods to support different areas of application and applied sciences.
What can HPC do for you?
HPC can help you if you have challenges and questions in one of the following areas:
  • Complexity – You work with problems that require complex modelling.
  • Time – You need analysis and simulation results in a short time span and your local ressources can't satisfy this demand.
  • Memory and storage – You work with large amounts of data. HPC can help you with storage, evaluation, analysis as well as with visualisation.

The Gauß-Allianz is a network of 19 members and their 21 leading computing centres in the area of high performance computing in Germany. Expertise in a great variety of application and method sciences and the necessary hardware enable the Gauß-Allianz to provide efficient and competent support for your questions.

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HPC as a science
Innovative methods and techniques enable scientists to solve increasingly more complex models as well as to use modern computing architectures more efficiently. Research in different fields of high performance computing addresses these challenges.

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