Privacy statement

The Gauß-Allianz respects your privacy and uses necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your privacy and data according to current law.


This privacy statement explains measures regarding privacy that were put in place by Gauß-Allianz for this website. The legal foundations for privacy can be found in the German laws Bundesdatenschutzgesetz and Telemediengesetz.

Log files for site access

We store data about site accesses in log files. For each access we store:

  • anonymised IP address (last two blocks are removed)
  • name of the remote user in case of authentication
  • time of access
  • requested address
  • response status code
  • amount of bytes sent
  • referrer
  • user-agent
A direct link to unauthenticated users is not possible due to the IP-address anonymisation.

Personal data

If personal data is submitted by our users (e.g., using the contact form or after registration for maintaining your profile) we process, use and store it in agreement with current law regarding privacy. We don't give personal data to third parties without permission of the user.

Information about using the backend area

Actions performed by users logged into the backend area are written to a so-called activity log alongside the username and the time of the action. These actions are creating, editing and deleting of information as well as upload of files.

Third party services and content

Some parts of this website use third party services and content (e.g., OpenStreetmap or Google Maps). Due to technical restrictions we have to provide the user's IP-address to these third parties in order for the user to use their services and content. We have no influence on the usage and storage of the IP-address by these third parties.

Authentication using Shibboleth and DFN-AAI

The service-providers (SP) of Gauß-Allianz (see overview below) enable members of institues authentication and login as user, editor for events and support agent using DFN-AAI without registration.

For each login using AAI we create a temporary account for the lifetime of the browsing session.
When requesting access for several services (newsletter, calendar, service desk, ...) a permanent account is created.
The IdP of your institute has to provide the e-mail address and persistent_id for our SP.

The provision of the necessary attributes for authentication and authorisation within the web services (hpc-portal, calendar and service desk) are necessary for access control and restriction.
Using Shibboleth for all our service the user is notified about transfered data.


  • Your identity provide (IdP) is part of DFN-AAI with the level of at least 'basic'
  • Your IdP transfers the attributes 'mail' and 'persistent-id' to our service providers

SP-overview (entityIDs)

Information and revocation of personal data

User can request information about stored personal data about them at any time. They can also request to correct or revoce any personal data stored about the user.


This website uses the software Piwik to process and analyse user access. All collected data is stored on a server of Gauß-Allianz e.V. in Germany and used to optimize our website. A cookie is stored on your computer to process the data. You can prevent tracking and cookie storage using your browser preferences or via the following link from Piwik. When you manually delete your browser cookies you will have to activate the opt-out-plugin again to prevent tracking.
You may not be able to use all features on this website if you deactivate cookies. For anonymization all IP-addresses are shortened before they are processed. More information on Piwik can be found on the official website: