HPC-driven Innovation
Advancements and sustainability for science and industry

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Many everyday questions in science, research and technology require increasingly more comprehensive and detailed modelling for complex systems, more powerful methods for problem solving and development of technical products as well as more accurate and comprehensive analysis methods for massive data volumes.

Risk prediction for finances and earth systems, product development and complex simulations in the automotive industry, material science, energy technologies and aerospace already rely on high performance computing today.

The Gauß-Allianz promotes the area of high performance computing in Germany in order to support innovative developments in all fields of science and industry.
High Performance Computing is ...
... modern and innovative computing centres
... specialised hardware technologies
... parallel and scalable software
... innovative methods for modelling, development, simulation and optimisation of applications and processes
... analysis, visualisation and management of large data volumes
Competence in HPC
The Gauß-Allianz is a network of leading experts in the area of high performance computing (HPC). It consists of interdisciplinary and topical dedicated HPC centres in Germany. The goal of the organisation is the provision of ideal conditions for the sustainable and efficient utilisation of HPC resources for compute and data intensive challenges in science and industry.

The members of the Gauß-Allianz offer support and solutions in different fields such as numerics, application development and application optimisation, IT infrastructures and architectures, big data and cloud computing. Benefit from the potential of high performance computing to improve your research and products, to develop new products, generate new knowledge and increase your competitiveness.

Service for science and research

The competence network of the Gauß-Allianz provides access to innovative and powerful HPC resources as well as consulting and support by individual and excellent methodical expertise for science and research of all fields.
Among other things the Gauß-Allianz supports collaborations and synergies of different areas of science.

Excellence through methodical knowledge about:
  • Analysis, management and visualisation of massive volumes of data
  • mathematical modelling, optimisation and simulation
  • innovative and efficient architectures with parallel file systems, accelerators, FPGAs
  • Runtime- and application optimisation
  • HPC-Management and Security
  • Grid and Cloud Computing

Knowledge and technology transfer

The knowledge and technology transfer from research into the industry is one of the key concerns of the Gauß-Allianz. Our competence network offers support and solutions for powerful, scalable and parallel soft- and hardware especially for small end medium-sized enterprises.

The Gauß-Allianz supports you in accelerating your software by providing a broad methodical expertise as well as modern and powerful IT infrastructure. Benefit from the potential of high performance computers to improve your products, to develop new products and to increase you competitiveness.

Learn more about the knowledge and technology transfer within the Gauß-Allianz.
Qualification, education and training
Successful and innovative IT infrastructures require well educated and qualified professionals. Hence, the members of the Gauß-Allianz promote education and training on different levels such as dual training, teaching at university, supervision of PhDs as well as specialist courses. Furthermore, experts from our members regularly attend national and international conferences and summer schools.

Dual training opportunities
In order to connect studies with practical work, e.g., the connection of theoretical knowledge about mathematical modelling with parallel programming, different locations offer, e.g., a bachelor program linked with vocational training.

Academic teaching
Parallel programming and high performance computing are integral parts of different established fields such as computer science and mathematics. Furthermore, new specialised fields in the context of computational sciences are formed.

Graduate colleges
Some locations offer PhD programs and graduate colleges, e.g., in the context of computational sciences. Especially the connection of specific scientific disciplines with topics in the area of high performance computing plays an important part in this context.

Courses, tutorials and workshops
Our members organise a great variety of topic and field specific events and programs in all of Germany. The topics cover amongst others the fundamentals of HPC usage, programming languages and software technologies specifically in the context of parallelisation as well as the use of software tools.
Frequently asked questions
Does the Gauß-Allianz own HPC systems?
No. HPC-Resources and expertise will be provided by our members or their computing centres respectively. Each of our members has their own hardware in very different configurations.
How do I find appropriate HPC resources?
Our experts will suggest suitable hardware technologies and computing centers for you according to your requirements.
You can send us your requirements using the contact form above.
Which hardware is provided by members of the Gauß-Allianz?
You can find an overview over the existing hardware within our network in our core area Hardware or on the HPC ecosystem page.
Are there limitations in using HPC software?
Non-commercial software is usually provided for all users. The provision of commercial software depends on the corresponding license terms. Our experts will be glad to help you.
Which opportunities for access are available?
In most cases the access to the HPC systems is possible using SSH. Furthermore, some computing centres offer acces using grid middleware.
Our experts will be glad to explain the different opportunities for access to the HPC systems.