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Scalable Tools for the Energy Analysis and Optimization in High Performance Computing

Project duration October 2013 - September 2016
Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung 3. HPC-Call
Website http://www.vi-hps.org/projects/score-e/
The main goal of the Score-E project is to develop and provide user-friendly tools for the analysis and optimization of the energy requirements of HPC applications. These tools (Periscope, Scalasca, Vampir, and TAU) will enable software developers to investigate the energy requirements of their parallel codes and to identify code segments with excessive demands. At the same time, suggestions for possible improvements will be made, and methods for the quantitative evaluation of these improvements will be made available. The tools are based on the joint measurement infrastructure Score-P that was developed in the projects SILC and LMAC .

Additionally, the project aims at the development of models for the description of energy-related properties of parallel codes that cannot be directly measured, and at providing powerful visualization mechanisms for the measurement results. The further development and maintenance of the Score-P infrastructure and the support and training of users also belong to the project goals.

Project partners


Prof. Dr. Kai Diethelm (diethelm@gns-mbh.com)

Administrative contact

Gesellschaft für numerische Simulation mbH
Am Gaußberg 2
38114 Braunschweig

Support Score-P (support@score-p.org)

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