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About IT Center of RWTH Aachen University

As a central institution at RWTH Aachen University, its IT Center provides services and resources for institutes, staff, and students at the University as well as for external partners. Furthermore, the IT Center actively supports the research area Simulation Science such as broadly defined by the Strategy 2020 of RWTH Aachen University. The IT Center hosts a Supercomputer that is accessible throughout Germany and a CAVE, which together builds essential parts of Research Infrastructure for Simulation Science. Principal research activities can be found in the development of Parallel Programming Methods and Standards and in the field of Immersive Visualization.

HPC Expertise

  • Parallel Programming-Paradigms (focus on OpenMP)
  • Correctness Analysis of Parallel Programs (especially MUST)
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization (especially Engineering Applications)
  • Analysis of parallel Computer Architectures, TCO studies, Energy Efficiency in HPC
  • Methods of multimodal Human-Machine-Interaction
  • Immersive Visualization of complex simulation data

File Systems

WORK file system

HPCWORK (Claix 16) (Lustre)

since December 2016
HDD Symbol
3000 TB
disk storage

HPCWORK (Claix 18) (Lustre)

since December 2018
HDD Symbol
10000 TB
disk storage

HOME file system


since December 2016
HDD Symbol
1500 TB
disk storage

HPC Networks and Alliances


RWTH IT Center
Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Müller
Seffenter Weg 23
52074 Aachen

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Legal Entity

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is one of the leading research institutions in Europe. Clusters of excellence, graduate schools, special research fields and special programs for PhD-students targeted on interdisciplinary research are among the most visible highlights of RWTH. A distinguishing mark of the research carried out at RWTH and the transfer to industry is the focus on engineering and simulation sciences. This happens in a context of close collaboration between engineering and natural sciences.


RWTH Aachen University
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