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Logo NGI-DE Nationale Grid Initiative für Deutschland

NGI-DE is the National Grid Initiative for Germany. It is part of the European Grid Initiative (EGI ) and is being maintained by Gauß-Allianz e.V..

The goal of NGI-DE is to provide a reliable and secure e-infrastructure for Germany. It will enable a carrier grade grid and cloud for academic communities. NGI-DE has a focus on research on grids and clouds for academic and industrial use.


Before you can apply for compute resources or storage resources, you must have a valid grid user certificate.In NGI-DE, grid user certificates of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( ) or the DFN-Verein ( ) are used.

To request a grid user certificate you have to contact the responsible Registration Authority (RA).
  • RAs to request grid user certificates of the DFN-Verein can be found here .
  • RAs to request grid user certificates of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology can be found here .

If you nee a grid user certificate, please check which of the following possibilities applies:
  1. If your institution operates a grid RA, please contact this RA.
  2. You already are a user of on of the computing centers listed above. Then please contact the Registration Authority of your computing center.
  3. If your institution has not established a RA yet, the Grid Certificate Authorities will consult you, where you can obtain a grid user certificate. For this, please send an e-mail to zertifikate@d-grid de .

If you want to renew an expired grid user certificate it is essential to make sure that the Distinguished Name (DN) of the new certificate is identical with the DN of the old certificate. This means that in all fields the DN is composed of you have to make the same entries that you made when the old certificate was requested. Only then you have access to the same grid resources that could be accessed with the old certificate.

Help for Users
NGI-DE Helpdesk

Help for Providers
NGI-DE Operationswiki


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